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Stars on the Move brings the Universe to you!

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Stars on the Move is a portable planetarium service owned and operated by Denise Vacca. Denise has over 20 years experience in astronomy education. As producer of the Fels Planetarium, Denise has worked with schools, educators and public audiences. She has written, produced, presented and developed numerous astronomy shows, as well as special programs and activities for space-related events such as Astronomy Day, World Space Week, Parkway Night Out and the Philadelphia Science Festival. Denise opened her own planetarium in 2004 and continues to delight and educate thousands of children and adults with live, entertaining astronomy programs. She is Vice President of the Rittenhouse Astronomical Society and continues to observe and appreciate the night sky. Philadelphia Magazine voted Stars on the Move Best Kid's party in 2012.

Shows Topics Include:

The Sky Tonight- A general overview of the current night sky, astronomical events & space missions.

Seasonal Skies- Why do we have the seasons and what stars can we see during each season?

The Halloween Show- Heroes, Monsters & Damsels in distress.

Explore the Solar System-Journey through the Solar System to learn about the planets.

Stories in the Stars-Constellation stories of Greece, Egypt, Rome and the Native Americans.

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One of the best features of the portable planetarium is the ability to bring the show to you. The dome can be set up in your school or other indoor facility. It inflates easily and fits into most classrooms. Audiences need not travel (except through their imaginations). Stars on the Move handles the space travel. All you have to do is enter the dome.


Presentations use Powerpoint, internet resources from NASA and various observatories and, of course, a state of the art LED planetarium star projector to educate and inspire.

Shows meet academic standards for science education and have excellent success in teaching students from preschool to adult. Students and educators are guided on a tour of the current seasonal sky with emphasis on major constellations, planets and special astronomical events. Shows are live, interactive and personal so each show can be different and can incorporate star-related subjects other than science, such as math, creative writing, literature, geography and history.

Stars on the Move makes astronomy and Earth science fun!

It's great for students, scouts and adults.

Clearances, Background Checks & COIs available upon request.

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Current Events

2017 Eclipse Across America

New Horizons: Mission to Pluto

Welcome to a Comet

Symphony of Science-

scientific knowledge though music




What's happening on the International Space Station?


See the Sun in 3D


What is it like 10 billion miles from Earth? Voyager 1 & 2




This was the most educational fun experience ever!
I recommend it for any ages! 2 years-Adult!
Thank you for a GREAT time!
The Goddard School, Skippack ,PA